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WHAT's on tap

The beers below are currently on tap in our tasting room. This list is updated frequently to ensure it is most accurate. If you'd like to order beers to-go, click here.



Hefeweizen, 4.8% ABV


Our flagship hefeweizen has a big wheat backbone which lends a creamy mouthfeel, high carbonation to cut through wheat, and notes of banana with a crisp subtle citrus on the finish.


Hop Harvest

Wet Hop IPA, 7.5% ABV

A simple golden ale fermented with our Kolsch strain. 10#/bbl of our own grown cascade hops go in right off the vine to give you a bright, floral aroma with notes of citrus and melon.


Impact Crater

Weizendoppelbock, 7.5%

This beer is a dark strong wheat beer, with notes of chocolate banana bread, and a light phenolic profile.


Wild Darkness

Wild Stout, 6% ABV

Wild Darkness starts off as an oatmeal stout but is sent to once used bourbon barrels, innoculated with Brettanomyces, and dark cherry puree is added at 18 months. Then it is innoculated with pediococcus. It has rich sour cherry notes, is incredibly complex, with light bourbon taste as the beer warms.



Weizenbock, 7% ABV

This 7% version of Weiss has the same ingredients, same ratios, just more of them.. More banana. More mouthfeel.. Same great finish!



Imperial Baltic Porter, 9.2%

This is a14 week lagered imperial porter with rich, malty sweetness, dark dried fruits, a light roasty profile and a clean lager character.



Kolsch, 4.5%

This is a traditional German Kolsch. It is light and refreshing with floral notes on the nose from the yeast.



Wild, 7.7% ABV

Brombeere starts as a simple, light base beer. It is sent to oak barrels and innoculated with Brettanomyces. Blackberry puree is added and fermented for an additional 4 weeks. It is tart, crisp, and refreshingly fruity.



Pilsner, 5% ABV

This Northern German Pilsner is 100% pilsner malt and German Noble Hops with a softer biscuit malt note and a super crisp hop finish.



Hoppy Lager, 6.1% ABV

Brewed with Sabro hops, this hoppy lager packs a huge Tangerine punch up front with subdued notes of coconut and cedar. And of course, a clean, Gneiss lager finish.



Wild Lager, 6.2% ABV

Simple lager to start with lots of Azacca hops. It is fermented in stainless, dryhopped with Azacca, sent to oak barrels with Brettanomyces, returned to stainless, and dryhopped again before packaging. Really tart grapefruits!



Wild, 8.2% ABV

This beer starts off as Tweiss and is sent to oak barrels with brettanomyces innoculation. It becomes Petrification after 6 months. Peach puree is added and it's fermented another 6 months. Peach-trification has intense sour taste, is rich in fruit, and has a graham cracker finish.


Forest Sounds

Munich Dunkel, 5.5% ABV

Our classic Munich Dunkel or Brown Lager has a rich malty profile, tastes of toasted bread, mild caramel and light chocolate, and has a clean lager finish.



Golden Ale, 5.6% ABV

A slightly more robust grain bill than a Kolsch, FDTR is hopped more assertively, biotransformation hops with no dry hop. It is crisp and clean, mid-way between Kolsch and IPA, with grapefruit, citrus, and pine.



Flanders Wild, 6.6% ABV

This semi-traditional Flanders Red Ale is fermented in stainless and sent to Red wine barrels and innoculated with Lactobacillus every 6 months. It is dry with red wine notes, rich dark fruit, intense acidity.

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